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Many types of cancers are now curable, especially if discovered in their early stages. However, for other cancers, the battle is still being waged to find cures and/or improve current therapeutic techniques. At the forefront of this effort to find new cures are clinical trials conducted by nationwide Cooperative Research Groups. There are approximately a dozen Cooperative Groups conducting more than 5,000 clinical trials in the United States. These Cooperative Groups publish their cancer research results nationally and internationally, but they do not provide specific treatment advice to individual patients or their families.

For personal assistance, please contact your personal physician or the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4-CANCER. To learn more about the specific clinical trials currently recruiting participants, the locations of healthcare organizations and physicians involved with a specific clinical trial, please visit the National Cancer Institute's clinical trials website at This website offers a continuously updated, centralized listing of all clinical trials in the United States, and identifies the specific health facilities and Cooperative Groups involved with a given trial. The Cooperative Groups are a network of organizations comprised of leading academic medical facilities and cancer research physicians throughout the United States who collaborate on developing new cancer treatment strategies, and conduct clinical trials to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of these new treatment approaches.

The Radiation and Cellular Oncology Department participates in many of these experimental clinical trials and enrolls eligible patients in studies sponsored by these national Cooperative Research Groups. Although the clinical trials offered by these Cooperative Groups are based on continually evolving scientific knowledge and the latest research findings, these trials are strictly experimental treatment strategies intended only for patients whose disease has not responded to conventional therapeutic methods. Patient eligibility for clinical trials is determined on an individual case-by-case basis, and must be done in full consultation with your primary care/family physician and oncologist(s). For more information on active clinical trials within our department, please contact Daniel Haraf, M.D., Medical Director.

The following websites offer additional general information on the various oncology Cooperative Research Groups. The content of these websites is geared toward medical professionals and Cooperative Group members rather than the lay public, but it may be a useful site for determining if there is a relevant clinical trial in progress for a given disease site. If there is, we urge you to follow up with your personal physician. Our links to these sites do not constitute an endorsement for specific clinical trials. The information provided in and through the following websites is intended solely for general information and should NOT be relied upon for any particular diagnosis, treatment or care. Patients and their families must consult with qualified medical professionals for treatment advice on individual cases.

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